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DRIVE by Sol-leks3
Once in a while, the creative touch hits me and I draw something. This was actually submitted as part of a "Creative Corner" contest at my vet school to give students a chance to do something other than study. I am missing my sled dogs something awful and so I drew this. 

Based somewhat off of a dog named Boone at the starting line of the 2014 Bristol races (photo). He's from Call of the Wild Racing Siberians. The head shot is based off of my own sled dog, Wingman. 

Medium: Some kind of ink pen I found in a backpack I bought off of somebody. 
Time: probably about 7-ish hours


United States
Shell of choice: My invisible bubble
Wallpaper of choice: none! I prefer paint
Favourite cartoon character: The White Wolf or Blue (Wolf's Rain)
Personal Quote: "Remember this......A dog cannot make this journey alone. But maybe, a wolf can..." ~Boris
Well, this entry is well over-due. Organic Chemistry this summer had me by the tail and didn't let me go. Thank goodness it's over.

I'm nearing the end of my fall term at OSU in Oregon and have it worked out so I can hopefully graduate after next fall term (So post-fall 2011). I'm getting down to the nitty-gritty class-wise (LOTS of science, like genetics, cell and molecular bio, vertebrate bio, biochem, etc...). If I graduate early, I can get a job and hopefully have a blast running an amazing dog sledding season in my "off" time from school. Once I get into vet school (note the shameless confidence...maybe it'll pay off), I'll be pretty much tied down to studying and class time for 4 years+. Anyways, what's going on now?
I have decided to try and use doing custom pet portraits/team portraits as a way to supplement my budget for racing and training the sled dogs. All money from commissions will go towards supporting my race season running 6 mid-distance or 8 sprint for the year 2010-2011. Any excess money will be put toward general kennel maintenance (I will hand it over to my mentor). To put it into perspective, simply for me (who doesn't actually own any of the racing dogs, but merely trains them as my own), it costs me just under $3000 per year to do what I do. Very little (if any) is earned back via winnings from races, since it's hard financial times for everyone and the purses aren't always very big (or existent for that matter). I don't know any musher that relies upon winnings/purse money to make a living. Not even the best of the best can do that!

Here is the general pricing of things:
Black and White (pencil only):
1 pet: $35   
2 pets: $50
3+ pets: $50 + $10 per pet after the first 2


Color pencil:
1 pet: $45
2 pets: $60
3+ pets: $60 + $12 per pet after the first 2


Soft/oil pastel or charcoal:
1 pet: $25
2 pets: $35
3+: $35 + $5 each additional pet after the first 2.


Team rates**:
For all of my special musher friends, or those that simply join in the amazing sport that is dog driving, some slightly different rates:
2 dog team/pair of dogs: $40
4,6,8 dog team: $60, $70, $80 (respectively)
More than 8 dogs/team: $100 for a 10 dog team + $5 per pair after that ($105 for 12 dogs, $110 for 14, etc)

** Team rates INCLUDE the musher/sled, but DO NOT include a background. Background info is listed below. Teams are only available in black/white and color pencil.

Sample (more to come):…

Backgrounds: Simple backgrounds (one item, less detailed landscape, etc) are an additional $10. Complex backgrounds (multiple items, high level of details, etc) are an additional $20.

*I specialize in cats and dogs, though I am capable of doing birds well. Fur however, is truly where my talent shines and therefore is what I advertise for. Given the high level of detail in each piece, it takes time for them to be completed. Please be patient if you are waiting for your image, or work out a specific time line with me.  

*I do team rates differently because of the nature of running dogs. The animals will be smaller in the image as opposed to a posed portrait of a pet on a couch. And, as sled teams generally come in pairs, I rated it differently than your average pet portraits.

*REFERENCE images are REQUIRED! I do not want to draw you any border collie, persian cat, etc. I want to draw YOUR pet and therefore require a reference image(s) of him/her. A digital copy or photocopy is fine. Please provide it in color if you would like a color image.

*All images can be shipped, though the cost of shipping will be additional and individually priced. If you live in the NW USA, I can probably get it to you physically at some point in time. Note me to work it out.

*All images will be placed in a frame, though it will simply be one I got from the dollar store or for a few bucks. If you want a fancier, more expensive frame I can find one and purchase it for you or you can pick one out after the completed picture has arrived. I would recommend the latter, as you can get exactly what you want and it's cheaper to ship.

*All pricing is done for images up to 11X14" for pets and 14X17" for teams. Larger images will cost more. Please note me it you would like a larger image.

*Payment can be made via paypal, cashiers check, or (if I know you personally) personal check/cash (please, don't mail cash). A 1/2 payment will be required initially. I will show the work in progress (WIP) image and adjust things as needed per your request. Once you have seen the completed image, you must complete payment before I ship it/give it up :)

Contact me via notes on DA or via the information on my business card if you have one. I will hopefully set up a new email specifically for things like this, so I can post it on the internet without too much worry.


Note to deviantart members: I am potentially willing to do a full or partial trade if there is something I want or need, such as craft supplies. This will have to be worked out on an individual basis.

Thank you for looking!

Now, on to racing plans...

I have already run twice in WA, once in a PNC race. We placed 3rd in the PNC race (Pacific NW Dryland Championships in Cle Elum, WA) in the 8-dog sprint :) My dogs are awesome!!! I'm shooting for excelling in the PNC races to challenge myself/aim for something specific. I will not be attending one of them however, Priest Lake, due to the far-away nature. 4/5 isn't bad though.

Future plans include:
Frog Lake 1 (I hope...)- PNC
Chemult- PNC
Chester WInterfest -PNC
Frog Lake II (?)- maybe
Bachelor Butte Dog Derby/Logan, UT (?)- one or the other probably...
Chemult fun run (help out, not actually race) hopefully.
Who knows what else :) We'll wait and find out! Stay tuned for race results and/or updates!

Welcome back winter!!!
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